Nov 19 2019

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Iag stock-Articles tagged “qatar airways” China’s Crackdown on Cathay Raises Questions on Air China’s Next Move Angus Whitley and Kyunghee Park, Bloomberg Should Air China, which owns 30 percent

Articles tagged “qatar airways”

China’s Crackdown on Cathay Raises Questions on Air China’s Next Move

Angus Whitley and Kyunghee Park, Bloomberg

Should Air China, which owns 30 percent of Cathay, buy more of the Hong Kong-based airline and become an even stronger China insider at the carrier? Or should it sell and wash its hands of a company that has incurred the wrath of the mainland? The latter sounds highly unlikely.

Tiny Air Italy Pushes Back on Big U.S. Carriers That Say It Competes Unfairly

Brian Sumers, Skift

The three largest U.S. carriers say Air Italy competes unfairly. But it is highly unlikely the airline is breaking any U.S. or EU laws. If the U.S. airlines want to break Air Italy, they’ll have to do it the old-fashioned way — through ruthless competition.

Qatar Airways Still Cons >Patrick Whyte, Skift

Oneworld might have a shiny new brand identity but it should probably spend its time now trying to smooth things over with one of its key airline members.

Qatar Airways Doubles Down on Threat to Boycott Oneworld

Layan Odeh and Anurag Kotoky, Bloomberg

After months of hostility with other airlines, Qatar Airways still hasn’t backed down. Its president says it doesn’t need Oneworld, but is that really true?

Qatar Airways Buys 5 Percent Stake in China Southern

Qatar Airways looks like it will continue with its airline investment strategy over the course of 2019. We should expect similar announcements during the coming months.

Qatar Airways CEO Repeats Threat to Leave Oneworld Airline Alliance

Benjamin Katz, Bloomberg

Qatar Airways CEO Akbar Al Baker isn’t happy with Qantas. With so much tension between supposed partners, how long can the current state of affairs last?

Qatar Airways CEO Puts Pressure on Oneworld

Grant Martin, Skift

Qatar’s departure from the Oneworld alliance could translate into some trickier international flights and connections for travelers on American, British and a dozen other airlines.

Qatar Air CEO Threatens the Airline Could Exit Oneworld ‘Soon’

Dennis Schaal, Skift

Qatar Airways CEO Akbar Al Baker may be posturing about leaving Oneworld, but he is indeed making alternative plans nonetheless.

Qatar Airways Slumps to Loss After Taking a Hit From Saudi-Led Blockade

Layan Odeh, Bloomberg

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. The actions of Qatar’s neighbors were always going to have an impact on the country’s airline, but the reality is it could have been much, much worse.

American CEO on Gulf Carrier Pact: ‘Someone Is Cheating Already’

Brian Sumers, Skift

Remember when the Trump administration suggested in May it had solved the ongoing dispute between U.S. and Gulf carriers? Hah. American Airlines CEO Doug Parker is already complaining one competitor is ignoring the spirit of the agreement.

Newly Named Air Italy Is Ready to Take On Troubled Alitalia

Brian Sumers, Skift

We’re not sure Europe needs another airline with global ambitions. But more capacity almost always means cheaper fares, so passengers should enjoy watching these competitive dynamics play out. Perhaps Air Italy will become Italy’s national carrier if Alitalia stops flying. Or maybe they’ll both go bust.

Blockade Has Disrupted Tourism in Qatar But Fueled Cargo Flights

Mohammed Aly Sergie, Bloomberg

Qatar has been able to somewhat compensate with cargo flights, but it would probably prefer to have more humans — who have a bigger economic impact — entering the country.


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